Easy tidying up Double Vanity With Makeup Station

Dressing table is probably one of the angles in the room the most favorite for you. In addition to making You taste lingering sitting or standing there, almost every morning and night may you will be in front of the dressing table to apply makeup or remove makeup and then clean the face before going to bed

Unfortunately, many women consider that 6 easy tips dressers smoothed is a matter of trivial. So, hygiene and kerapihannya the pun is often overlooked. Reasons of busy and lazy make conditions dressers sometimes messy and irregular.

In fact, unwittingly it can only lead to various tools and makeup products You get dirty, contaminated dust or bacteria and potentially lost due to accumulated other items

So now, when the dressing table in the room You’re in condition as illustrated above. Then, you need to apply 6 easy tips for better dressers smoothed unsightly. Who knows, the condition of the dressers that neat, clean, and orderly makes you increasingly diligent care for beauty skin face, right?

Never let the makeup or skincare products all You lying on top of the dresser. Remember, how many kinds of cosmetics and skincare that its placement should not be carelessly mixed with other products. For example like kuteks, alcohol or cleanser toner all kinds of makeup brushes.

Prepare the Cabinet or drawer of the composition of medium size which is placed above the dressers

Its functions, to make all the goods stored and neat and organized so it is easy to be sought when necessary. Save the appropriate products or goods type. For example, connect with any type of brush that had previously been wrapped in plastic or cloth respectively so that the eyeshadow brush between many separate color stain with a brush to the lips.

Not to be confused with the type of goods between liquid solid

One of the problems often experienced when dressing table clutter conditions the product is damaged because of ketumpahan liquid. This is because you put a kind of cosmetic and skincare products in one place or angle.

If you want to avoid the issue, quite separate types of goods between liquid and solid. For example, snap type liquid eyeliner, lipstick, and Foundation type of liquid or powder eyeshadow with blush-on matte powder.

Step Easy tidying up Double Vanity With Makeup Station

Never store trash or former cotton and paper towels on the table

The easy way to spruce up a vanity can be started with a direct throw into the Recycle Bin all the former tissue, cotton, cotton bud and others after you have finished using it. The habit of many women is stockpiling the former cotton or paper towels and cotton bud that felt new used briefly or half dirty. As a result, all this shit will make dressing table dirty, messy and Stockpiling of bacteria.

His tips, use a tissue, cotton and cotton bud carefully so that it will save you a heap of trash and use of cosmetics.

Forget cosmetic or skincare products which have long unused and almost gone

In addition it will cause buildup on top of dressers. Cosmetic or skincare products which have long unused and low will also give the impression of getting messy. Start opening packs one by one, and then see its expiry date, then select which one will soon be used and which ones are not needed.

Give the empty space above a vanity so impressed more tidy and spacious

Empty space on top of dressers, for example in the middle part of the table will help create the impression of a more spacious and tidy. Put all the stuff and the Cabinet or drawer at the bottom left or right hand side. Avoid sticking to many objects on top or side of the mirror.

Make sure that the vanity mirror in a State is always clean

Vanity reason dirty looks can be caused by the mirror that looks dusty, dirty or as shaded. Always clean or wipe the mirror on a regular basis. The mirror could be dusty or stained due to the splashes of skincare or cosmetics products you.

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